Bring Your Brave: Change Your Body

The mind-body-soul connection is deep.  Deeper than we think about on a daily bases.  It's not something we're used to thinking about when we grab a donut for breakfast, skip a week of workouts, throw back a shot of fireball, or skimp on sleep.  And I'm not saying those things are never ever okay.  Part of nurturing our souls is taking it easy sometimes and treating ourselves to something tasty that's void of nutrition, or to a celebration that takes us away from sleep and hydration.  The trouble is we can get so used to those spoils that we forget they are meant to be treats and not a way of life.  I could go into a rant on American culture here but I'll save that for another day.  This is a discussion about us as individuals, not a criticism on the ways of the world.  

That said, let's talk about your individual habits.  Many of us site "trying" to eat healthy, but may not be able to define what healthy truly means.  Or working out with as much "time" as we have available, which is never really very much.  In the name of living your very best live as your most amazing self, which all of us are completely capable of doing, caring well for our physical selves is vital.  And trying?  Trying is an excuse for failure.  Warriors don't try.  We do.  So bring your brave and let's dive in.

Using the same method we started with yesterday when we discussed career, think about your physical self in ten years.  You want to be healthy, yeah?  What kind of diet would you like to have?  (I use "diet" in the true sense of the word, meaning "the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group," and not the "starve yourself" way).  You grow your own veggies?  Raise chickens for eggs and meat?  Shop from a local farmer's market?  Make your own juice?  Cook for your family at home 6 nights a week?  Plan your meals?  Maybe even learning to cook is an ambitious enough goal for you?  Work with a nutritionist?  Travel and dine at the finest restaurants in every city?  Learn to love and understand red wine?  

What about your active life?  You want to run a marathon, or a half, once or every year?  You want to take after dinner walks with your family in the evenings?  Learn to box?  Do yoga every single day?  Take tennis lessons?  Go on a rock climbing excursion?  Try one new thing every year?  Swim laps in the morning before work?  How much sleep do you get?  What does this ten years older self do in your imagination? 

Now come backward.  To reach that point in 10 years, what will you need to be doing in five?  Maybe your 10 year goals will be accomplished in 5 and become habits throughout your life.  Maybe you're up to 6 miles a few times a week and working toward that once in a lifetime marathon.  Maybe you've planted a garden and are learning about raising chickens.  Maybe you've subscribed to some healthy food blogs and are learning about what your food is really made of, and making some positive changes.  Maybe you're cooking from a new recipe book a few days a week, getting practice in the kitchen.  Then come back to one year.  What do you hope to have accomplished one year from now?  

Because how we look really comes from how we feel and the choices we make for ourselves, always ask yourself first, "How do I feel?  How am I treating my body?"  and then, "How do I feel about how I look?  What might I like to change?"

This isn't about losing 5 pounds, or 50.  It's okay to have those goals if they are secondary to your health, wellness, activity, and confidence.  This is about creating a happy and healthy place for your happy and healthy soul to live.  Our souls don't need six-pack abs, but if that's something you want to reach for, hey, let's do it!

Oh, we're not done yet.  Here's the big one.  Those things you want to accomplish in 10 years, in 5, in 1... today is a part of that road map.  Take the first steps toward whoever it is that you're becoming.  And the steps you took yesterday toward changing your career?  Take another one today.  Keep going.

Feeling uncertain about defining what you want, daunted by the size of it, or unsteady taking the first steps?  I can help!  Check out my workshop packages here, where you have options like one solid chat with me to help you get into the right mind-frame, to an 8 week, full-coverage workshop and beyond.

And check back tomorrow for Day Three of Changing Your Life in 5 Days.