My Sunday Paper - Volume 24

Lookin' good, Sunday!

I hope you're having an awesome weekend. My mom's in town and we're hitting up my favorite yoga class, plus there's a possibility of crêpes.  Starting tomorrow through Friday, I'll be sharing posts each day on ways to change your life right now.  So don't miss this.  It's going to be epic.

 But first, my Sunday Paper!

Morning Person

My friend's little three year old cries for a while when she first wakes up, for really no particular reason.  But i get it, mornings can just be really hard.  Luckily for adults, here are 14 ways to make your mornings better. Wish you were a morning workout person? These 5 things will trick you into getting out of bed and into your Inspire Crops.

Gym Rat

This one needs no explanation - it's the "definitive list of the best gym-bag beauty products of all time, ever."  Ok, I added the ever.  Numbers 7 and 1 are in my lululemon duffel right now.  And on the days you forget your water bottle, don't worry.  Here are 6 ways to hydrate without water!  Spoiler alert, #1 is chia seeds, which means for double hydration, try chia water!  Sakara Life breaks it down.

Smart and Pretty?!

Have you noticed that some of the more informed/professional/serious women like to cast away the more fashionable as flippant or vapid?  Yeah, me neither.  Because these days, thank goodness, being fashionable and informed is seen as being amazing.  A smart woman in Alexander Wang is just winning at life.  Case in point.  

Warrior Nation

I didn't watch American Ninja Warrior but #MightyKacy has some really great things to say about her victory, training, inspiration and margaritas.   Seriously, this woman without arms became a competitive body builder.  Let that put your yoga practice today into perspective.