Life in Luon: My 10 Favorite Things from lululemon

My sweat style has come a long way from my middle school gym class days of wearing Umbro shorts and oversized No Fear t-shirts.  I remember distinctly one I had that said on the front, "if you think cheerleading isn't a sport..." and on the back, "then you've got another thing coming!"  I see the sentiment but what a lack of cleverness!  Anyway.  These days lululemon, Spiritual Gangster, Nike, and Goodhyouman keep me clothed for fitness and have become staples of my every day style.  

If you're a newcomer to wearing quality technical workout gear, let this guide you to the pieces that might be right for you!  Here are my favorite 10 lululemon pieces, what each is good for and why I love it...

1. Wunder Unders

Let's start with the queen of all yoga pants.  The Wunder Under Pant and Crop is made of lululemon's moisture wicking fabric Luon.  It feels like cotton but has 0 cotton in it, which makes it ideal for both daily wear and sweaty yoga classes.  These aren't ideal for running or cycling because the fabric can pill from that kind of friction.  (And about all that sheerness talk? If you're in the right size for your body then you're covered, downward dog and all!)

2. All Sport Bra

When it comes to bras, I prefer a lot of support.  The All Sport Bra is supportive enough for running, cycling, and other things that involve a good bit of activity.  The straps are nice and wide so they don't cut in, and it's pretty enough to let show under tanks or wear on its own.  

3. Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback

Don't let the "run" in the name fool you; The Swiftly Tech Racerback is an all-sport tank.  I wear mine for running, cycling, yoga, boxing...  I prefer this one to the popular "Cool Racerback Tank" because the fabric fits more like your favorite t-shirt.  It's thinner and more lightweight than the CRB, and it's also moisture-wicking so if you grab coffee after hot yoga you won't be dripping for too long.  Plus the silver that runs through the tank fights off smelly bacterias that can cling to your gym clothes over time.  Buy in every color - you can't have too many of these!

4. Scuba Hoodie

Despite it's cozy Cotton Fleece fabric, the Scuba Hoodie is not at all bulky.  The fit in the body is flattering while keeping you warm to and from your workout classes.  There's no better hoodie out there.  Bonus?  The elastic zipper pull doubles as a hair tie in case you find yourself without one.

5. Energy Bra

Sooooo pretty, and the Energy Bra provides great coverage so if you're leaning over a spin bike or in a handstand, you don't have to worry about who can see what.  It's a little lower of a support so I can't run in this one, but it's definitely a good one to have in your collection!  I love layering mine under tanks for yoga where the straps make a statement.  Also, as with all their bras, it's moisture wicking and even has venting in the center to allow your ladies to breathe.  (If you don't need as much coverage or support as I do, try the Free to Be Bra!)

6. Inspire Crop

This is my go-to running and cycling pant.  The Inspire Crop is made of Luxtreme, which doesn't pill from friction.  It's lighter weight than Luon making it feel more breathable on your skin, is moisture wicking (of course), and has venting in high sweat areas like around the backs of your knees.  

7. In the Flow Crop

I LOVE the In the Flow Crop!  The knit is looser, so do the mirror check before you head to yoga and catch your bottom in the mirror.  The plus is that the looser knit feels better in a hot class, or during hot summer activities like trail hiking.  These are also super cute, so you'll look stylish and put together (albeit sporty) if you grab brunch or run errands in them.  

8. No Limits Tank

The prettiest of all yoga tanks, the No Limits Tank has a built in bra and loose fitting overlay.  I pack this when traveling so I have my bra and tank all in one for an out of town yoga class (or hotel room yoga.)  My only complaint is that thanks to the weight of my bust, the thinner straps on this dig into my shoulders a bit.  Still, it's a style I love to wear and is ideal for yoga where something light and loose, sweat-friendly, and that won't fall over your head during inversions is necessary.  

9. Bang Buster Headband

The headband to end all headbands, the Bang Buster is a wide cut Luon design that will. not. move. from where you put it, like most headbands do, and will absorb all that forehead sweat before it drips into your eyes (ew.)  Get one in black and wear it with everything, then begin to collect all the fun ones.  Bonus: they're reversible! 

10. The Mat

Okay, you can't wear this, but The Mat is absolutely a must-have.  In years of practicing yoga, it's the first mat I've found on which my hands won't slip, no matter how sweaty my palms.  Slipping during yoga is a distraction to your practice - you can't have that!  The Mat comes in different thicknesses.  I have the un-mat.  It's void of any additional padding but doesn't weigh me down when I tote it all over New York, and it folds up for travel.  If you drive or don't go far for yoga I would suggest one of the more padded versions.  (Bonus tip: Sweat dries quickly on it too, so I don't even use a mat towel in hot classes, but I do like the Small Towel for my face in yoga and spin.)