Bring Your Brave: Change Your Career

This week I'm sharing 5 posts on how to change your life in very big ways, right now.  This is going to take dedication, courage, and an open mind that's able to believe in what's possible for you.  I'm hoping to inspire some big things.  If you find you need more, look into my workshops, which inspired this more compact experience.  Are you ready?  Just kidding - there's no such thing as ready.

WORK.  It's the thing we spend most of our hours on most of our days doing, talking about, or thinking about.  Although it's necessary and although it's not always super fun, in general shouldn't we love our jobs?  Yes - we should feel that our talents are used, that our contributions are appreciated, and that we enjoy doing at least many of the tasks assigned to us, and *big one* that we are compensated accordingly.

Let's start like we do in my workshops, in blue sky space, where everything is possible.  Imagine your life in ten years.  How old will you be?  Imagine your morning.  Do you get up early? Do you drink coffee? Go for a run? Ride, bike, walk, skip to work?  And here we are now - work.  What does it look like?  Where do you go?  What do you do?  Who do you see?  Write it all down in as much detail as you can possibly imagine.  How does it feel?  It might feel scary, thrilling, or overwhelming to imagine yourself in this life.  That's ok.  Bring whatever you've got, as long as you bring your brave.

Brave, why?  Because now we're going to apply that vision for your future to today's reality.  Thinking backward, what would you need to be doing in five years to be en route to your dream?  Who do you need to know?  Where would you need to live, or to travel?  How about one year?  

Okay, that's more like it right?  One bite of the elephant.  One year.  Maybe you're not too far off from where you need to be.  Maybe you just need to step up the networking, have a hard conversation with your boss, or begin working on a new business plan.  Maybe what you're discovering involves a big change like learning Italian and moving to Italy, or going back to school, or learning how to command respect in order to lead a team from that corner office instead of in your current shadowy cubicle.

Whatever it takes, you have now recognized what you want, and what steps you need to take in the foreseeable future to get you there.

But wait, we're not finished yet.  I'm encouraging you to start today.  Right now.  

No, don't go quit your job (or maybe do, but really probably not).  It can be a small step.  Send an email to a potential mentor.  Google local Italian lessons.  Request brochures for masters programs.  And one last thing: Don't stop moving forward.  One foot in front of the other.  One bite and then another.  Schedule coffee with your mentor and ask a hundred questions.  Sign up for the lessons and go.  Fill out the application and send it.

You've just changed your life in one day, and we're going to do it all week long.

See you tomorrow, champ.