Beach Babe: Effortless Summer Beauty

Summer is in full swing, and we're finding ourselves spending more time in the sun than during any other time of year.  A quick stop at Sephora will stock you up on these must-have summer products:

you are my sunshine

Whether you're soaking it up at the beach or running under the rays, protecting yourself is absolutely necessary for both health and beauty reasons.  That tan isn't worth aging your face, nor is it worth exposing yourself to the dangers of sun damage.  Supergoop is, to me, the leader in the sun protection industry.  Water resistant, high performance, non-irritating, and free of harmful chemicals, their line of products includes everything you could need: lotions, oils, and sprays for face, body, eyes, and lips.  Shop Supergoop here!

lock-ness monster

Beaches, festivals, road trips... washing your hair is kind of the last thing on your to-do list today. I love my dry shampoo.  I've tried several formulas and I have to say, the sprays are ideal.  Drybar makes several sprays for different colored locks, so brunettes don't have to worry about white powder blending in.  Shop Drybar Dry Shampoos here!

that Dior glow

So if you're protecting yourself from the sun, how are you supposed to get that gorgous summer tan?  Fake it, of course.  And if you're going to fake it, go with the best.  Dior makes a self-tanning lotion that's $35 (read: not from Target but still technically affordable).  Yes, that's right.  You can wear Dior even when you're naked.  Get you some here!