3 Things to Do for an Awesome Week

Already groaning about Monday?  Reaching for your coffee like it's the love interest in an old romantic movie?  (Tell me that's not just me.)  Mondays don't have to be so bad.  Use these three tactics to make your day - and week - run smoothly.

1. Make a List

Whether on your cute Brittany Fuson paper pad or in Evernote on your iPad, make a list of all the things you already know you have to do.  Finish details for Saturday's event.  Check in with clients.  Send invoices by end of week.  And so on.  Write it down so it's all in one place and you can see it all in one look.

2. Tackle It.

Yep.  Don't go looking for other things to add to your list. You surely have enough to get your started.  Get as far on your list as you can before new emails are coming in with new things to do.  And when that happens...

3. Prioritize using the "eat the frog" method.

Meaning?  Do the hardest, most time consuming, or most dread-worthy stuff first.  This will ensure both that those tasks don't hang over your hear all week as well as that they'll actually get done before continuing to get pushed back and back till next week.  It's a common mistake to think that getting the small stuff out of the way first is efficient, but the small stuff never ends. Go big or go home.

I actually love Mondays because I find that if I make my day super focused and productive, it sets me up for an awesome week overall.  You've got this!  Now back to my coffee...