My Sunday Paper - Volume 23

It's been a busy week for me!  So I'm enjoying a Blueprint juice, getting ready for yoga, and watching How I Met your Mother reruns.  Is there any better rejuvenation technique?  I think not... Let's rejuvenate together! Here's my Sunday Paper:

Just Add Glam

Does your daily routine need a little shake up?  Shop sweat style like the models! Those rose gold headphones? A leather jacket to math your black Nike fly knits? Check and check! Glam up your work-from-home life with these tips, like order a black car to pick you up for everyday errands (via Uber, of course.)  

Millions of Peaches

I love peaches. Love, love, love.  Peach makes my favorite pie, my favorite mimosa, and soon to be my favorite smoothie with these millions of peaches (okay 10) smoothie recipes!  More of a watermelon fan?  Here are five clever ways to use watermelon!  Need more summer food ideas to beat the heat?  These mason jar recipes are easy, cool, and on-th-goable! 

Write Me Maybe

My friend and fellow writer Sarah Hyde has posted a call to action to potential pen pals.  I miss letters too, Sarah!  Feel like getting or sending a little mail?  Visit Sarah's blog for details - oh, and real all her posts while you're there.  

Water Up

This is your body on not enough water.  For real.  Read this, then go drink a tall glass!