The Shark Swim

 I really found a pic of yoga + sharks!  Source.

I really found a pic of yoga + sharks! Source.

You know I love my fitness metaphors, and none more than the ones heard in yoga class.  "The process of wavering and coming back to ourselves makes us stronger," is one I wrote about several months ago.  And there are so many.  During my practice this week the instructor sailed through something she probably says often but really resonated with me:

We aren't here to fix.  We are here to observe.

A woman of constant action, just observing is totally out of my comfort zone!  If I'm not moving and improving, I don't know what I am.  I'm like a shark who will sink if I stop doing my thing.  But I could feel the mysterious magnetic pull to this "don't fix" mentality, and I spent that hour of my day giving it a try.

In yoga, this means not judging yourself for what you can't do (arm balances terrify me) but also not relying on past decisions of where your limits lie (I have never tried wheel and I'm finding myself thinking, it's going to happen!) It means not constantly adjusting in a pose, but instead raising your awareness of exactly where you are. (My hips feel tight today. My shoulders feel strong. My legs are tired.)  It means not judging ourselves but loving and appreciating our abilities and the moment we've taken to me on the mat.

In life... oh in life!  It's the very same.  Don't judge yourself for what you can and can't do.  Don't rely on your past decisions of where your limits are.  Don't make constant adjustments to your life but take some time to just BE.  Raise awareness.  How do you feel?  What is great just how it is?  What could be changed or improved upon (without taking action yet)? Who are you grateful for?  Love and appreciate your abilities and the moments you take to care for yourself.

Pay special attention to this over the weekend and into the next week.  Slow down the shark swim, and you may find that you don't sink.