I'm Quitting Sugar - The Next Step

I'm nearing the two week mark of my "quit sugar" experiment.  If you're just catching up, I'm cutting out sugar as a king of learning experience.  1. How will it change the way I feel? (More energy? Sleep better? No 3:00 lull in the middle of the day?) 2. How will it change the way I appear? (Ideally my main "problem area" will become less problematic.) 3. How much sugar was I really ingesting?  (THAT much!? Woah.)  Most likely, this is something I will keep up in a way that's manageable.  Knowing now how much sugar there is in everything, it's hard to imagine I could forget that and go back to eating/sipping how I was.  We are unknowing sugar addicts, y'all.  

So far I've cut out sugary beverages and sugary junk foods.  It's only been a week and a half so I can't report any major changes just yet, but I am getting used to the unsweetened coffee!  Next up I'll step into phases 3 and 4.  Here are the details!

Phase 3: Reduce simple carbs.

I like that this is "reduce" and not "eliminate." We all need some carbs.  Simple carbs are the ones that act like sugar in your body.  I'm talking about crackers, white bread (who eats that anymore anyway?), white pasta (ditto mostly)... My new "treat" is a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich on 15 grain bread.  The bread has a very, very low amount of sugar, the peanut butter is USDA Certified Organic and also has very low sugar, and the fruit is where I'm getting some sugar in.  This week I'll find a way to eliminate that sugar while possibly keeping this as a "sweet treat" of sorts.  

Phase 4: Hidden Sugars

There are so many sneaky places sugar can hide.  I already found a sugar free salad dressing (harder than you'd think - go to the fridge and look at your salad dressings!).  I'll share that tip with you in my next #sugarfreediary post.  Think of other sauces - pasta sauce, ketchup, bbq sauce, etc.  Seriously:

Barbecue sauce: 3.75 teaspoons (15 grams) in 2 tablespoons
Ketchup: 2.25 teaspoons (9 grams) in 2 tablespoons
Fruit-flavored yogurt: 7.75 teaspoons (31 grams) in 6 ounces
Pasta sauce: 3 teaspoons (12 grams) in 1/2 cup
Breakfast bar: 6.25 teaspoons (25 grams) in 1 bar

Remember to avoid "sugar free" options, as they're usually packed with simple carbs and chemical replacements.  EW!

After this, Phase 5 is just maintaining in a realistic way (which means I can have an iced chai and a chocolate croissant again - just maybe not in the same day).

Are you cutting back on sugars?  Do you have tips to share, or challenges to ask about?  Comment below!


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