My Sunday Paper - Volume 18

With CMA fest almost behind me, I'm looking forward to a few simple weeks of focusing on work, enjoying classes at my new favorite yoga studio, and otherwise generally taking it easy. Still to come this month is my YouTube video series, in it's final stages of editing right now! And for next month? I've begun adding some events to the calendar. Happy Sunday!

Biker Babe

I'm looking for a bicycle to buy.  Yes, one that moves forward as opposed to the stationary indoor ones I love. so. much.  Why?  Being a New Yorker in Nashville for the summer has one particular drawback called you can't get around here without a car.  So I'm preparing to face one of my worst fears and ride a bike possibly somewhere near cars. (Shudder.)  Here's a handy guide I found to cyclists' legal rights. I also have my eye on this bike bell as well as a ton of other stylish accessories.  

Sign Me Up

If you're in NYC, San Fran, DC or 9 other cities, you can make dinner reservations via and get a discount on your meal! Club W ships wine to your house every month that's selected based on your palette, and it's affordable at $13 bottle.  If, like me, you couldn't get to this year's S.H.E Summit, you can now watch video of all the sessions online. After Orange is the New Black, of course.

Southern Summer

Somehow I've escaped all my time in the south without ever having tried chicken and waffles. These might just get me there.  Learn to make fried chicken and waffle sandwiches, oh my. Top it off with some 4-ingredienct blackberry ice-cream.  You'll be saying "y'all!" before you know it.