Sugar Free Diary #1: Cold Brew Iced Coffee

I've gone sugar free, and it's day three!  To recap, for the first two weeks I'll cut out dessert foods and sugary drinks.  Weird wellness nerd that I am, the element of challenge appeals to me as well as the benefits to my health, energy levels, and waistline.  The biggest challenge I've had to consider is how I take my coffee.  I drink it iced and pretty much like dessert when it comes to flavour, meaning there's plenty of sugar even if I'm not sprinkling the stuff in there myself.  The bottled kind I buy at the store has 20 grams, to be exact.  Yikes!

So now I get to make my own.  In my research on healthy and natural options I learned about cold brewing coffee.  Most of the places where you order iced coffee it's brewed hot to start.  If you cold brew instead you end up with a concentrate, meaning that although it's stronger to begin with, you can add more milk to it.  I'm hoping that mixing it 50/50 with almond milk (unsweetened) creates a creamier consistency that masks the bitterness I can't stand.

Here's how I made my cold brew, and how it turned out:


Check back for #sugarfreediary entry #2 soon!