Our Daughters, Ourselves.

I hope I have a daughter. Hope with all of hopes. If you read my vision for my life, it says I raise a child/children but specifically calls out details of my relationship with a daughter.  I've always felt called to raise a girl to be a woman. I don't know if this is something all women experience - maybe to varying degrees - but it's a big one for me. And the more I learn in life, the more I have to teach her.  These two videos both caught my attention this week, and I couldn't pass up the chance to share them with you. But I have one point to make first. When it comes to running, working, learning, leading, building, loving, and generally rocking at life, let's all work together to show our daughters that "like a girl" means "amazing." Or that as girls we get to be smart and pretty. That they are strong, capable, and bound for great things.

Ok, watch.  And share!