The Four People Every Woman Needs in Her Life

We all need a kind of entourage of support for various aspects of our lives.  There are our besties, which I believe takes more than one to round you out but, ya know, not too many or where's the intimacy?  Then of course we all have a dentist, a travel buddy, an OBGYN, he office mate, the lady who waxes our brows and maybe other places (now THERE'S intimacy), and so on.  But which of these are non-negotiable?  Here's my take on the people every woman needs in her life.

1. The High School Bestie

Yes, the girl who knew you before you were cool.  Before you went to college and made a mess of everything.  Before that guy broke up with you and smashed your heart.  When you used to wear pink before you discovered that dressing in colorless hues like black and gray served you better.  Before you knew how much to drink was too much.  Before you realized being cool wasn't really worth striving for anyway.  She knew you before you were you, and she's loved you all along.

2. A Fitness Trainer

You don't have to GO to the fitness trainer forever.  I had one before, in my early discovering-fitness days, and what I learned from him were some incredible lessons that I carry with me now.  Plus he's always on call if I need him (and there are others I've added to my rolodex since).  A trainer will teach you dedication, form, technique, balance, and often even eating tips.  A trainer will teach you what it means to be healthy, and how to get there.  These are vital lessons, people.  You need this person in your life!

3. A Financial Planner/Advisor

Just like we're taught misguided truths about health throughout our lives, we're also taught right and wrong things about our money.  How we make it, how we save it, how we invest it, and how we spend it are entirely personal things that most of us are not fully educated on, on our own.  We know what we want, but we may not know the best ways to get there.  Find someone who isn't just "the planner your parents use" or "the guy your coworker referred you to."  Find someone who understands you and your unique lifestyle and can speak wisdom into that.  If you're lifestyle is like mine and you'd like to learn more about "the girl Kimberly recommends," find her here

4. A Chosen Family

Ok so this isn't one person, but the group is necessary.  These are the people you hold hands with as your lives evolve over decades.  The people you create traditions with.  Whose love is unconditional, and not just because you know too much about them.  (Wink.)  The people you cry with when they hurt, laugh with till you cry, and stand tall next to in their proudest moments.  The people whose homes are your homes, whose wishes are your wishes, and whose hearts are your hearts.

What would you add to this list?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!