Seven Things I Do Every. Single. Day.

There are seven things I do every single day.  Of course, in reality not all of them happen truly seven days out of the week or thirty days out of the month, but the conscious effort is to make each of these actions and awarenesses a priority, which is why I put them in my planner - to keep me on track.  None of these are complicated, but to fit them all into each and every day takes purpose and dedication (okay, except maybe for number seven).

1. Sweat.

Whether it's just a 2 mile run or a 90 minute hot yoga class (or in the case of yesterday, both), I do something active every day that challenges me, takes me away from work/texts/worries, and creates endorphins.  Think of it this way: Your work outs are a metaphor for your life.  If you want to be better than you used to be, if you want to be more extraordinary than others are, you have to work out better than you did yesterday and more extraordinarily than most people.

2. Eat Well.

In my planner, I actually write "make good food choices" under my goals for the week, and then I write down what I eat/drink on each day.  I set a purpose and then hold myself accountable.  Now of course, I have my fair share of cheeseburgers (not fast food ones) and gelato, but again the effort to make the best choices each day makes a difference in the outcome. 

3. Check my bank account balances.

It only takes one moment to log in, see my checking and savings balances, and jot them down.  It gives me a sense of, "ok, here's where I'm at... Let's not let this number drop throughout the day."  Just like with food, under my goals for the week I always write, "make good money choices."  Bonus money tips: All my payment due dates are set as alerts on my digital calendar (even the automatic ones) so I'm never surprised, and I am signed up with so I can check my scores for free once a month and get email alerts of any changes.

4. Productivity. 

Ok, this may be good or bad, I'm not sure.  I very, very rarely take a day 100% off.  I'm not saying you should do this too - just that it suits my lifestyle right now.  I'm growing a new business and a personal brand, and both of those things take time and dedication.  Of course, I don't work all day every day.  I enjoy a flexibility that means I can get a mani/pedi on a Friday morning or be done at 3:00 on a day when there's less to do.  I also value time to myself, time with friends, and time away from my devices.  But I do accomplish something for my businesses every day.

5. Sleep.

Sleep is something I prioritize highly.  My ideal is to be asleep at 10:30 and awake again at 6:30 and most days this happens naturally.  I consider it a luxury that I don't have to wake with an alarm.  Funny story: I was taught by a nun in elementary school who never, ever used an alarm clock.  She would pray before bed that she would wake up on time and she always, always did.  Yes, sometimes I use this method too.  God is faithful even in the little things!

6. Dream.

There's time in every day for big ideas and their details.  Whether it's working on a business plan for a potential new brick-and-mortar business, imagining my dress for an upcoming event, walking myself through an ideal workday, or mentally decorating my future empire-I-mean-home, it's important to let your mind dance in your blue sky space.  It reminds you that there's something big ahead that you're working toward.  It reminds you to believe everything is possible.  Whether it's playing on Pinterest or daydreaming as I fall asleep, I give myself time to just imagine.

7. Drink Iced-Coffee.

Because, duh.

What do you do every single day?  What do you wish you were able to do every single day?