I'm quitting sugar.

Yep. You heard it here first.  I'm quitting sugar.  But Kimberly, you're thinking, what about your iced coffees, your gelato, or your WINE?!  Right - I hear you.  The point is to not be so reliant on sugar. Not to never ever ever eat it like tswift breaking up with a dude.

Curious about how extreme it is?  How difficult to stick to?  How great the results are?  Me too!  Follow along with me all through July as a I work my way through 5 phases of quitting sugar.  I'm going ambitious at the start of it and tackling phases one and two together over the first two weeks (as opposed to two weeks each).  

Phase 1: Eliminate Sugary Beverages.

I already drink water (bottled regular ole water or La Croix water which is sugarless).  So here's where I have to cut out the cocktails (only occasional anyway) and the sweetened coffee drinks.  That's going to be the hardest for me.  I have to find a cleverer way to drink my coffee so it's not bitter but doesn't include sugar or any chemical sugar replacement.  Perhaps Stevia, says a friend of mine.  Need to do more research here.  Also, this means au revoir wine - or almost.  I have to give myself an option of something to order out on social nights, but I'm willing to severely limit this to only reds and only up to 3 glasses a week maximum.  Fair, right?

Phase 2: Quit Sugary Junk Foods

This won't be SO bad.  My sweet tooth fix is usually gelato.  I can fight through those cravings. Other than that, I'll avoid the pastry window or things like cupcakes at parties.  I can handle it.  I swear.  I don't really do granola bars but if you're joining me in this journey, remember that sugars hide in most seemingly healthy granola bar type snacks.  Cut out processed stuff like that and instead snack on fruit or other natural goodness (raw almonds always taste like vanilla to me!) instead.

So, here we go.  I'm starting on July 1 but I'm posting about it a little early because it takes mental preparedness to tackle something like this.  I'll be sure to let you know how it's going, (you'll probably hear about my Talenti withdrawal), and we can discuss Phase 3 before the first two weeks are up!  

Are you planning to join me?  Let me know and we can cheer each other on!