Let. It. Go.

Worry is a monster, y'all.  I'm not even speaking to anything specific here.  Just in general.  The way that we worry over things that the majority of the time turn out to be nothing like what we worried them to be, it's a downer and a waste of time.  And yet, it's so difficult to just stop when your mind gets caught in the cycle, isn't it?  We worry if we said something wrong and offended a friend who has been quiet, we worry that our significant other is (insert horror here), we worry about money, about our jobs, about our parent's health, about our children's safety and development, about whether we can get it all done in a day.  We probably could get it all done in a day if we could cut out the worrying.

I'll tell you what has made a difference to me.  It's almost ridiculous in it's simplicity.  Here's how it came about.  A friend of mine has small children who, like small children do, get upset over small things like who got to push the OFF button on the TV or if their shoe is tied while they're in their car seat.  Sure, to them it matters.  In the same way that all those things you worry about matter to you - and by that I mean, they shouldn't matter so much. My friend, a wise mother, tells her children simply, "let it go," and somehow, the whining stops.  

So I've started doing the same thing with myself.  I first recognize why the thing I'm worrying about matters: I worry about money because being responsible with it and being able to take care of myself are things that I value, or I worry about that conversation with my friend because it's important to me that she knows I support her, just like it matters if your shoe is tied because you don't want to get out of the car and trip, or it matters who pushed the button because you just really like to push buttons.  Then I tell myself LET. IT. GO.

And somehow, it works.