I am a...

I created the content for my eight week self-development workshop from a conglomeration of influences: my own life lessons, the stories and struggles I heard about from women while writing Loved, books I've read on the subject, and various training I've done in New York through things like working for lululemon, diving into the fitness and wellness world, and getting to know some incredible accomplished "warrior" women.  That's a lot, huh?  Suffice to say my inspiration came from many sources, but I took only what was most powerful for me and what spoke to me on behalf of the women I want to reach, then I made it my own.

One of my favorite exercises I created is called "I am a..."  The point is to strip down the various roles you play in your life to the basics of what you want to accomplish through each role.  Past expectations placed upon you by yourself, society, or other influences in your life have no place here.  Do it with me!

1. Describe

Make a list of the ways in which you'd describe yourself using nouns, starting each one with "I am a..."  This starts you out with a list of facts (I am a sister. I am a daughter.  I am a runner. I am a friend. I am a coffee drinker.) as opposed to the relativity of those interview question answers (I am organized. I am creative. What do those even mean?!)  And yes, include big and small roles - from wife to cat lover.

2. Define

This step seems kind of silly but it functions as a bridge from step one to step three.  Write down next to each of your roles, why you are that thing.  I am a sister because I have a brother.  I am a coffee drinker because I drink coffee.  This one does have some power, as it can remind you that you simply have to do, to be.  Case in point: there are people who run who say, "oh I'm not really a runner."  Um, yes you are.  "I am a runner" is followed by "because I run."  Boom.  "I am a writer" is followed by "because I write."  Yes, even if it's a journal no one ever reads.

3. Dream

Here's the meat.  Add to each line what makes you fulfilled in that role.  Some of these may be easy and some may take more reflection.  This is where you have the chance to shake off any prior expectations you or others have placed on your shoulders.  I am fulfilled as a runner when I run twice a week or more.  I am fulfilled as a writer when I write for at least one more publication than my own blog.  What makes you fulfilled as a mother?  What makes you fulfilled as a Christian?  What makes you fulfilled as a business owner?

When you're done, read over the finished list.  These are the heights you're to soar to.  Don't put pressures on yourself that don't belong there.  See how long that list is?  You do enough already.

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Share one of your "I am a..." lines, or tell us what you learned, in the comments below!