Studio Spotlight: Krank Nashville

Upon landing in Nashville for my summer visit here, I immediately began the search for the number one thing I need nearby me in any city: a cycling studio.  All signs pointed to Krank Nashville, a little studio with big energy.  Tucked into Green Hills, Krank has both cycling and strength classes (TRX, Sandbags, Equalizers, Rip Trainers and Plyo Boxes), and even cooler, a combination of cycling and strength called 30/30.  Owner Sarah Jane Hill serves as a kind of den mother from her instructor bike, her riders circled around her like scouts around a campfire.  "Reach back and grab someone else's burden," she says, "and drag it.  It isn't yours, but you can help.  It will make you stronger."  

Krank is no-fuss.  I like a glossy studio myself, but that's not something that matters to every rider.  Also, if you're a seasoned soul rider like me, you'll notice Krank makes less use of upper body moves on the bike but still pushes you to a good sweat.  

Want to see what they're all about?  This Friday's Summer Solstice party is the perfect chance!  Enjoy a 90 minute outdoors workout, DJ, and adult beverages for just $25!  

Learn more about Krank here.