Your PMG Questions, Asked and Answered

I've been running into a lot of old friends during this long visit to Nashville, and it's been fun talking with everyone about what you're doing now and what I'm up to here with my company, Press Management Group.  PMG is an evolution of KMNcreative, which I started three years ago when I lived here.  I thought I'd take a few minutes to answer some of the most common questions I'm hearing about what's changed!

How did this come to be?

My partner David Kiggins and I have been talking since last year about how to work together. We initially discussed starting a magazine, but the business model for that was not as functional over all.  Instead we decided to stick with our core strengths (brand management, media, connecting people), and to focus on the industry we know best - entertainment.

So how's that different from KMN?

It's not, really. It's an evolution of what I have been doing.  Marketing and brand management are still my day to day work, only now with David on board we have double the knowledge and ability (more than double, with Beth Potter on the team too!).  Also, although I come from the entertainment industry, KMN didn't specifically focus on entertainment.  PMG has a unique product for musicians through which we help build a touring musician's brand and help him/her find additional revenue streams when off the road.  But like KMN, we also work with clients who have other goals or are in other industries.

What about this blog and all that self-development talk?

It's not going anywhere!  Think of it this way: Arianna Huffington runs The Huffington Post, but also has her new book, Thrive, about how people define success and she speaks on that topic.  There's her company and her personal brand.  I have the same.  PMG is my company and what you see here at is my personal brand.

And, where do you live?

This is a tough one, kids.  I'm in Nashville for the summer to develop PMG in person and spend time with dear friends here.  Then it's back to the city I've called home for most of the last 2.5 years, NYC.  (Specifically, Brooklyn.)  The guy I love is here with me for the summer and will be there with me too.  How lucky we're both wanderers!  Following my return there, I will be coming back and forth from New York to Nashville frequently.

What if I want to work with you?

Awesome!  If you're looking to develop your business, either with a company or it's just you, PMG can do that.  You can read more about what we do and get to know our team and clients at  If you want to develop your vision and goals, improve your self confidence, or accomplish other personal missions, stay right here and check out my workshop options.  

Still have questions?  I'd love to chat!  Contact me or ask away in the comments below.