My Sunday Paper - Volume 20

How did you celebrate the first day of summer? My friend Lindsay and I went to Taste of Music City to sip and nibble on samplings from Nashville's best restaurants and vineyards/breweries/distilleries.  Favorites? A kale salad with berries, a merlot, and dark chocolate gelato.  But then again that sounds like my every day meals...

Here's the round up for the week!


These 41 facts about New York City will mostly creep you out but are so worth reading. I'll say this: I'm not even brushing my teeth with that tap water ever again. Sweet Jane covered our recent blogger ride at BurnCycle on her blog, In the Pink and Green, and shared some of the awesome pics by photog Niki Rhodes.  How I miss my BurnFamily!

Officially Summer

Now that it's officially summer there are a few things we all should be doing. First, eat all the avocados!  Here are 10 ways to eat this summery superfood, and I plan to try all of them.  I mentioned a week or two ago that I'm getting a bike.  My boyfriend is on the search for one for me and although we haven't found it yet I'm gathering lots of inspiration on biking in style.  I'm hoping that includes knee pads.  One of my favorite summer styles is overalls - here's a handy guide on how to wear them.

If you don't have anything nice to say...

I love Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segments. They're a lesson in two things. 1. How to take criticism like a boss, and 2. how not to give unfounded criticism.  Freedom of speech + the internet does not mean you need to say every single thing that pops into your head, y'all.