My Sunday Paper - Volume 19

Wow! This has to be one of my favorite round-ups yet. The internet is just killing it this week!  As for me? I'm headed to Bonnaroo for the day.  I can't wait to see one of my favorites, The Lone Bellow!!  Watch my instagram and twitter for posts from the 'Roo.  

Let's get to it:  Inspiring, educating, entertaining... here's the very best of the best!

Vocabulary Lesson

Normal, Average: Adjectives 
Miss Indiana sparked a debate about what is "normal" and "average" based on her bikini-clad figure in last week's Miss USA pageant.  Here's what I have to say about this.  "Normal" and "average" are not things anyone should want to be, based on the sad truths of those terms in America.  And those terms do not apply to 5'8", size 4 Mekayla Diehl.  Could we please call her "healthy" instead, and all aspire to find what "healthy" means for ourselves?  

Uber: Noun.  Another reason not to own a car.
As you know, I'm a big fan of the "walkable lifestyle" and haven't owned a car in over two years.  Public transportation, Zipcar, sidewalks, and now services like Uber are factors that make this possible to varying degrees in different cities.  Nashville, where I am for the summer, only has one of these and it's Uber, which makes its importance in cities like this glaringly obvious.  The New York Times agrees with me.

Feminist: Noun.
What any self-respecting woman (and smart man) should call her/himself.
Laci Green knows what's UP!  In this quick and powerful video, she counts 51 things that make being a woman harder than it should be, and will without a doubt bring out the feminist in you. If that word still scares you, it's time to get over it. 

Pinky Swear

This is a beautiful list of 40 promises every woman should make to her body.  Favorites? Um, all of them.  I'm specifically reminded of last year's Yoga Journal Conference where I attended a "dance party."  Having no idea what I was getting myself into, the dancing was actually a solid hour or two of "movement" in any way that your body wanted to move.  After a very awkward first fifteen minutes, I began to hear it.  It didn't matter what I looked like (probably pretty ridiculous!), it was joyous!  That night I learned a lesson I now carry with me every day.

Style File

MK & Ashley turned 28 this week, and Harper's Bazaar chronicled their 35 best looks. If you're a fan of their style like I am, 35 isn't nearly enough. But it does provide a great snapshot summary of the style evolution of two of the industry's most iconic.  Get re-inspired! 

Refinery29 teaches us how to wear all white, something I always think looks so beautiful but feels strange on.  I vow to try it this summer.  And with that I vow to stay away from red wine and ketchup on that day.

Breathe It In