Be More Outrageous: Why Goal Setting Alone Isn't Enough

I have these old Word documents archived on my computer titled "2007 goals," "2008 goals," and so on.  Each of them has a kind of theme or mantra at the top like "be more outrageous," and is followed by a categorized list of goals for the year.  I would print out this page and put it in the cover of a binder or on the wall in my office or somewhere I'd see it often enough that it would become almost meaningless - a list of those things I was trying to accomplish that mostly just weren't happening.  Get out of debt.  Read the entire bible. Lose 10 pounds. Travel to Europe. 

Now, I live and swear by a system of goal setting.  So what's changed?  It's become less of a throwing spaghetti at the wall system and more of a drawing a road map from where I am now to those things I want.  It's not in the goal setting; It's in the planning.

Get out of debt?  Ok, how?  How much do I want to pay off per month, and where will those extra funds come from?  Read the entire bible.  Ok, there are schedules for that.  But how will I stay on track?  Set an alarm on my phone and download the Bible app, so I can do it from anywhere every day at 11am.  Lose 10 pounds.  Ok, how will my food choices and exercise need to change and how will I stick with it?

You get the idea. Lay out your goals - as big and scary and amazing as they are - and then make a plan.  And don't be afraid to plan for outrageous.  After all, everything is possible.