Five Things Making Me Inexplicably Happy

For the fifth month of the year I'll be sharing tons of FIVES lists. Better your life in ways you can count on one hand, right here on, all month long!

There are a lot of things making me happy right now, big and small.  Make your own happy list this week and celebrate your excitement for what's new in your life, your gratitude for what's good, and your position in power as a leader of your own life and a fantastic example for others.  The value of your life is in what you see.

1. The promise of summer.  Without a doubt, fall is my favorite season.  But after a cold, cold winter during which the days seemed shorter than ever, I can't tell you how happy I am basking in the light of longer days, baring my arms in the warmer air, and sitting on patios for long visits with friends.  Delighted!

2. Dresses!  Red carpet photos are popping up all over the place right now.  First was the Met Gala, then Cannes, both of which were ruled by my red carpet muse Blake Lively.  Someone else who has impeccable personal style is grammy winner Kacey Musgraves.  Everything she wears is so unique to her (I couldn't pull most of it off!) and there's a common thread from one look to the next.  And let's not forget Carrie Underwood's BBMAs dress!  What will I wear next?!

3. Salads.  I always work some greens into the majority of my diet, but I'm a pretty simple salad maker most of the time.  Lately I'm mixing things up a bit by adding slices from a whole mini cucumber and having fun with dressings.  My new favorite is Brianna's Rich Poppyseed.  Yums.

4. Girl talk.  I was hiking with a new friend yesterday and we were talking about the way women are judged by their appearance, even in situations in which we ought to be judged by our ideas.  Sure, we like to dress up.  We like to feel pretty and have our outfits talked about (see #2), but only when that's called for.  The new feminism doesn't turn away from beauty, we just want it in it's place.  We also believe there's enough room for all of us at the top.  It's time for women to stop competing with each other.

5. This: