Reminiscing: S.H.E. Summit 2013

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Last year I had the honor of attending Claudia Chan's S.H.E. Summit, a gathering of inspiring women who are entrepreneurs, "disruptors," and heroes in many ways.  The panel I enjoyed the most was one on personal growth, titled "Personal Innovation: Taking the Leap and Destroying the Fear" featuring some of my own heroes, Gabrielle Bernstein (author May Cause MiraclesSpirit Junkie), and Elena Brower (coowner VIRAYOGA, coauthor Art of Attention).*  The panel also featured Lauren Ruotolo and Suparna Bhasin.  

Here are some of my favorite quotes from their conversation with moderator Claudia Chan: 

Lauren: ...and she said to me, 'You're the smallest girl I've ever met but you're terrifying at the same time.'

Gabby: I was no longer willing to live a life that wasn't authentic.

Claudia: It's always the obstacles in life, the really hard things, that force us to make a change.

Suparna: No change, no change.  Change is inevitable, growth is optional. 

Claudia: Fear is prayer for what you don't want.

Gabby: Miracles are natural, and if they're not happening, something's wrong.  They'll happen when you're living in your highest truth.  The outside world is a reflection of our internal condition.

Lauren: As women we have a fear of the unexpected.  

Elena: If I don't write down the vision for what I want in any area, I don't have an end game.  I have to believe in what I want in every area.

Lauren: You surround yourself with the people who take on your voice.

Gabby: Have clear visions but hold them lightly.  Be nimble. 

Elena: See what the people who inspire you are doing and it will help create your vision.  Gabby is the person who showed me that I could actually speak about God and my connection to Him.  Look around you!

Suparna: Your 40's is your wisdom decade.  

Elena: All of us are already living in this mansion in ourselves. It's just a matter of what room we're in.  Are we in the big rooms, or are we in the freakin' basement?  There's nothing to build.  We're already here.

Elena: I don't need to do an elaborate 90 minute yoga practice. 5 minutes is all I need.  It takes one breath for me to find it again.

Gabby: Sleep is a spiritual practice. I make that a real commitment.  I've also learned that if I'm going to play big in this world, you need to tune in big.  That could be a book title: Tune In Big.  

Gabby: If your life is not flowing naturally, you're probably not breathing. I think it's important to take that very seriously.

Lauren: Let's be real.  It's really all about the shoes.

S.H.E. Summit 2014 is coming up June 5-6 in NYC!
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