My Sunday Paper - Volume 13

Happy Sunday!  I'm in the midst of my big event week in Nashville.  The Symphony Fashion Show and Kentucky Derby party are done and I'll be recapping each for you this week!  Tomorrow I'll release the video of my interview with Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry.  Subscribe to be the first to see it!  Coming up on Tuesday I have the 2nd Annual Volunteer Shoot for a Cure event, which requires a completely different kind of wardrobe... Wait till you see my new Muck Boots!

Say Cheese

Even the photos in these healthy cheese recipes will make you drool.  Most days I trade in my bread and cheese cravings for protein and greens, but sometimes you just need something cheesy, amIright?!

Charmed, I'm Sure

I got Alex and Ani's swan bracelet in a recent Glossybox, and I can't seem to take it off!  I adore it!!  They have charms galore for every occasion, like yesterday's derby day, upcoming Mother's Day, or just, ya know, every day.  Check them out!

You Can't Sit With Us

This week, Mean Girls celebrated it's 10 year anniversary, and the internet loved it. Refinery29 counted 10 ways in which the film is totally legendary, Huffington post mashed up Regina George's best insults, and Vulture squeezed some juicy stories out of the director.  

Pinning, Winning