My Sunday Paper - Volume 17

June 1st is serving as a weird one-day bridge between a week of big things in May to a week of big things in June.  Last week I spent so much time - valuable time - being moved by and participating in the #yesallwomen movement on Twitter.  My company, Press Management Group, announced the first two of our roster of clients.  Next week, I'll be attending the CMT Awards amongst friends, clients, and favorites (guesses on what color I'll be wearing??), will be looking at office space, and will be debuting the first clip from my new YouTube series.  So. Many. Things.

The internet is just as busy as I am.  Here's the best of the week:

Goodness Sakes

One of my favorite tank top makers, GoodHyouman, is doing a mysterious 4 for $40 sale. You can choose men's or women's and what size, and then you're going to get a random selection of 4 things in the mail. You bet I did.

Get It Together

One of my favorite books from the past couple of years is The Age of Miracles, in which a young girl details the events of the earth's slowing, causing pretty much the end of food and weather and life as we know it.  Articles like this prove that we may not be far off from some kind of weather situation of that sort... Not to go all dooms day on you, but we can still make a positive affect on the earth. Get involved.

Always a Good Idea

The neighbor of a friend of mine is a mid-thirties lawyer who just became partner at is firm, them promply quit, sold everything he owned, packed up his dog and moved to Montana to work in a bait shop and fly fish all day.  This sparked a conversation amongst us girls over boxed wine - where would we go if we were to leave it all?  Paris, friends. I would go to Paris.

That's My Jam

I think I've made pretty clear that I do not DIY.  But these jams look so amazing that I have to admit I'm contemplating searching for some local versions on my next farmers market visit, or at least ordering them online... #yums 

Haute Pink

Blame the cotton candy frapp - I'm loving pink today!