The First Five Things to Slide

For the fifth month of the year I've been sharing tons of FIVES lists. This is the last one for May, but don't worry - I love lists, so there's always more to come.  Better your life in ways you can count on one hand, right here on


You know this as well as I do. When you get a new job, a new boyfriend, a new home, a new baby, a cold... anything that changes your routine, your well-planned and hard earned wellness habits start to drop like flies.  I'm spending the summer in Nashville, visiting friends and building my business with my network here before returning to New York.  I'm so happy to see how the city has changed, eat at all my favorite spots, and spend some quality time with my closest friends.  But amongst all that, having come here in my best shape and my most disciplined for optimal health, this past month has looked like none of what I'm used to.  So I'm making an effort to get back to the things I really don't want to lose sight of.

These are the first five things to slide when our lives get shaken up:

1. Being Active 

We all KNOW this to be true.  You get busy, you don't have time, let alone the energy, to work out. My 6 days a week regimen quickly dropped to 1-3 these past few weeks as new business, long lost friends, and not being near my chosen fitness studios, all made the effort of planning and doing that much more daunting. And that's the key word - planning.  If I choose a yoga or cycling studio and schedule a handful of classes, know how I'll get there (Uber, walk, etc.), then all I need to do is GO.

2. Eating Well

Yep, you know this too.  The less time you have for meal planning, cooking, packing lunch and so forth, the less it matters what you eat and the happier you are to even get a chocolate-granola-whatever bar in your hand. Dinner with friends? The burger sounds good. Dinner with friends tomorrow? Tacos and sweet potato fries!  (Tell me this isn't just me...)  They key here is discipline.  I'm moving back to coffee/wine (the things I let myself indulge in) as meetings and keeping meals at home. And if I do have to eat a meal out, I remember that each one matters. I have to write it in my food journal - yes, even when I'm busy - and applying that value to each meal inspires me to choose the kale salad. Which is what I just ate before I wrote this.

3. Smiling Big

Dr. Perdue, my beloved dentist, is going to give me a laser-shooting-from-the-eyes look if he reads this.  When I get overwhelmed, I swear, we are all lucky I brush my teeth at the end of the day before falling into bed let alone floss them.  This week I started paying more attention to my healthy smile.  I ordered this Quikee rinse from Bergdorf's this week so I can prevent all that coffee and wine from staining my teeth so badly, and I'm oil pulling in the mornings after I brush.  

4. Sleeping Soundly

The more exhausting or chaotic my life is, the more sleep I need and probably the less valuable sleep I get. When I'm living well, eating well, working out well, I am satisfied with 8 hours.  When I'm not, I naturally sleep nine when I'm able and more easily feel tired throughout the day regardless.  Make the effort to protect your sleep time.  Sometimes that means I'm in bed at 9pm and up bright and early... whatever it takes!

5. Spending Wisely

Unfortunately, this is a tricky one.  When you need quick fixes like a hot meal NOW or are out for drinks with friends when your priority is enjoying the company, thinking about your bank account becomes secondary. This is also fixed by focusing on coffee and wine (at places where you gain points toward a free cup of coffee for each purchased, or where a glass of wine is $7 and not $12), ad by keeping your meals at home... essentially planning ahead and remembering that each choice matters.  That kale salad I just ate came with a tab that made me anxious.  Not okay folks.  Let's keep the kale at home for a while.

We all get off track sometimes.  Me, you, everyone.  The key is being able to see it and readjust those priorities in a reasonable amount of time.  Minimize the damage.  Keep the long term goals in focus.  Like I say over and over again, keep moving forward.