Five Ways to Relax, Already

For the fifth month of the year I'll be sharing tons of FIVES lists. Better your life in ways you can count on one hand, right here on, all month long!

Oh, man. This is a post I'm writing for myself as much as for y'all. Life is getting busier with the evolution of my business and some really exciting new clients, plus catching up with old friends (and making some new ones!) while I spend a little bit of time visiting Nashville.  It's times like these that hard work and hustle are most vital, but that's also when self-care is also necessary to keep you going strong.  Here are five things you can do to relax a little, just in time for the holiday weekend:

1. All the Zzzz's

So today was an early morning and a day full of meetings and to-do's.  Tomorrow I'll take care not to schedule anything super early and give myself a chance to sleep a full, restorative night.  If Arianna Hufington can do it, you can too.

2. The Dark Ages

That's right, unplug. Close the laptop.  WALK AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE.  Give yourself an evening without continuing to answer emails.  Let your eyes unglue from bright shiny screens and look at other things, like the backyard, the live-and-in-person faces of your friends, or a bottle of wine.

3. Fun (and Frightening) Activities

Nothing makes me feel more energized and renewed creatively than having fun trying something completely new.  Which is also kind of uncomfortable.  No one wants to be the new person in the TRX class.  "My foot goes into this strap HOW?"  I'm going canoeing this weekend.   Bring on the bugs!

4. Solitude

Yeah, yeah, I'm an introvert.  But even extroverts need a little peace and quiet sometimes.  Give yourself a little time to just be with yourself.  If the idea of being at home in a room by yourself freaks you out (though I can't imagine why), take yourself on a date.  One of my greatest guilty pleasures is going to the movies alone in the middle of a weekday.  

5. Did I mention wine?

Ok, so it doesn't have to be wine.  But wine does have magical powers (when enjoyed in moderation?).  Make or order an incredible dinner.  Let yourself have the chocolate croissant on a Sunday while you read a new magazine.  Eat the whole pint of ice-cream while re-watching Scandal on Netflix.  This isn't "screw healthy eating!" so much as it is giving your senses something that might be unusual for you.  Treat yourself, guilt-free.  It's ok to enjoy!

What helps you relax in the midst of chaos?  Share your tips in the comments!