My Sunday Paper - Volume 15

Hello, Sunday! I just got to hold a four day old baby boy who is the stinkin' cutest thing I've ever seen!!  How is your day so far? All the talk week has been about the Billboard Music Awards, where a lot of our friends and artists are performing tonight; summer trips and parties like camping and canoeing, and my new business (KMNcreative has evolved into Press Management Group - a new name and a new team!).  Things are feeling buzzy, and for once that has nothing to do with my caffeine addiction.  

Here's what's happening on the internet:

The Human Experience

Taylor is one of the most positive and creative people I've had the pleasure to know.  She's just announced her new project The Human Experience, in which she wants to know what you think and how you feel about different aspects of life.  Participate simply by answering her questions.  Seriously, do it!

Carly from The Cupid Bow shares her experience with anxiety and some tips for other sufferers. I so appreciate this deviation from her usual beauty topics into something so real that so many people face alone.  Anxiety is something I suffer with, sometimes within an element of control and sometimes not, and talking about it or connecting with others who understand is very powerful!  


#GIRLBOSS is on my must-read list and is my new favorite hashtag.  The author, Sophia Amoruso, was profiled on The Coveteur.  See what's in her closet and read a little about the author and CEO.  How I just know that I'd love her?  She says her guilty pleasure/vice is "definitely hamburgers.”

Speaking of girlbosses, let's talk Olivia Pope's affect on real life.  Our generation is going to change politics.  And thank goodness.  Elle lays it out in this smart article on why millennials know what's up when it comes to what's being promised to us, and what we plan to do about it.  Hint: a lot.

You don't need a greater advantage. You need a greater awareness of the advantage you already have. -Steven Furtick   

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