Foundation of Happiness


I've been thinking a lot about the foundations of our happiness.  What I mean by that is the thing that has to be in place for anything else to bring us a maximum amount of joy.  I believe each of our foundations are different.  Mine is community.  I have to have a secure system of support around me and my most important relationships must be well functioning for me to feel truly good about any given day or stage in my life. As much as I value adventure, or alone time, I also need connection with those key people.  I'm grateful that despite distances my family and friends are so close at heart.  And I'm ever so grateful for FaceTime!

For others, it's work.  Some need to feel necessary in their roles, secure in their place in that system, and profitable even if relatively so.  For others it could be routine, or family, or home... What do you think is the foundation of your happiness?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.