Sweat and Mimosas

Saturday I had the pleasure of riding in a special burncycle class with a group of Portland's best bloggers.  These women are wild!  Some of them were first time riders, but not a single one held back a bit.  It's a testament to how these women live - to the fullest extent.  As wives, girlfriends, mothers, friends, professionals, and bloggers, we're all well versed in spinning plates.  Carefully selected and well designed plates, of course.  The highlight of the day was getting to chat over mimosas after our sweat sesh.  Everyone was so approachable and eager to hear about the others' pursuits rather than tout her own.  I have a new pack, and a whole new list of blogs to read.  You'd better believe I'll be sharing!

Thanks to burncycle and to Christopher David for having us.  Portland readers, if you haven't visited burncycle yet, you must!  Get ready for the ride of your life!!

Photos by Niki Rhodes.