My Sunday Paper - Volume 12

It's been a while since I've had "events" to attend, and now I have several coming up in May!  I'm having a blast working with my stylist, Tabitha, putting some looks together.  Despite the fact that I was a stylist for many years, it is great to have help searching and a second opinion from her. It was always harder to style myself than my clients anyway. So with style on my mind, let's start there this week:


Zimmermann's Summer 14 swimwear and Ringmaster ready-to-wear collections are available now. When it comes to sleep and yet whimsical style, this Australian brand really gets it.  You've seen me in Zimmermann before and you will again!  I'm loving the crop tops that show just a little bit of the abs we work so hard for.  I've added some to my style pin board, among other things!  One of my events is a Kentucky Derby party; Thankfully Harper's Bazaar helps out by highlighting some of the best Derby looks throughout the years.  (Miranda Kerr NAILS IT!)  Also I totally want this sweater.

It's Handled

Ok so I got hooked on Scandal recently and binge-watched all three seasons. Is there anything more fierce than Olivia Pope?!  When it comes to real-life politics, I'm a cheerleader for Marianne Wiliamson.  Check out this article on her campaign via Elle Magazine.  


Five years ago this weekend, my guy and I were first dating and he taught me how to make mojitos.  Join me in celebrating with a healthier version made with Blueprint juice!  Speaking of fives, this week we welcome May and that means it's the month of FIVES here on my blog!  You'll be seeing posts like 5 ways to strengthen your relationship, 5 best grocery buys, and more!

Call Me, Maybe

We get to a point in our lives where we learn how limited our time, energy, and resources can be.  It's necessary to protect and maximize those things in our lives.  Refinery29 shared a great article on choosing your network wisely.  In today's tech-heavy, 140-character world, it takes effort to truly connect with people.  I love making friends on Twitter or Instagram, but I love even more when I get to meet those people for coffee and share actual tangible excitement about our mutual interests.  That's why I love this article on The Art of Rekindling.


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