Why Wednesday: Be a Teacher and a Student

We haven't done a Why Wednesday in a while!  Here's one that I feel really passionately about. No matter your age or level of authority, you should be both a teacher and a student in life.  

Whether in work or in our personal lives, we are all in need of guidance from someone who has been where we are, who knows what we don't yet know, and who can speak into our lives from a place of positivity.  

On the contrary, we have the ability to do the same for those who are following our own steps.  I have run into some people, or particular industries, where there seems to be hesitation about giving others a leg up.  Competition is often an excuse.  I say "excuse" and not "reason" because that's what it is.  If you're secure in your own value, then you won't feel threatened or insecure about cheering others on.  Believe that there's enough success to go around.

"We rise by lifting others" -Robert Ingersoll

Can you think of one or a couple of mentors in your life?  If not, reach out.  Can you think of one or a couple of people who you mentor? If not, make yourself available.  Be encouraged.  Encourage others.  The ways in which both relationships can enhance your life are endless!