My Sunday Paper - Volume 11

Happy Sunday!  I'm back in Portland after a leisurely and amazing visit to Florida to spend time with my family and celebrate my brother's wedding. From the zoo to Epcot to air-boating to spot gators (yes I saw them!) it was a really memorable trip. Back in Portland this week, Spring is in full BLOOM!  I'm loving the cool air layered with a hot sun, the longer days, and the abundance of flowers.  The city has come alive!

Here's a round up of what's caught my attention online this weekend.  Keep up with me this week for my best travel tips near and far.

She's got Soul

Feel like a stalker by following my bestie through everything she ate in a day, via SoulCycle.  Wine gets it's own category, in case you were wondering why we are friends.  Speaking of SoulCycle, their April gear is just as good as March's was. I love this one!

Your Face

One of my favorite cosmetic brands, Benefit, takes you through a refreshing Spring skincare routine (including a reminder to wash your brushes!)  I use numerous products from them like my eye cream and moisturizer, pore minimizer, and under eye lift, plus I get my brows done at their Brow Bar.  These girls know what's up!

Celeb Sips

I know you want to know... Baristas reveal fit celebs Starbucks orders!  I share this half sarcastically - I rolled my eyes but read it anyway. ;)  Want to know mine?  Have coffee with me.


Four words: Salted caramel blackberry brownies.  


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