What I Didn't Know...

This past weekend I was sweating it out at burncycle when I thought, "I had no idea a few years ago when working out was such a chore that I could love it so much..."  Then, as with many other aspects of fitness, I started to apply that same sentiment to my life.  

Right after class, as I sat down to put this post together, I caught this link on Facebook and thought it was the perfect visual to the feeling I had!  I wondered what kind of before and after pictures other women might paint, so I asked!

Here are some of the responses that I got as well as a few more of my own.  Please add yours in the comments below!

I didn't know when I felt alone and misunderstood in high school that in just a few short years later I would find amazing friends and career where I felt right at home. -Carrie

I didn't know when I was "working" to get to heaven that I'd never "be good enough."  Now I know, Jesus + nothing = Everything! -Joanie

I didn't know when I was fighting for a college romance to work that real love would come much easier. -Carrie

I didnt know when I was fighting cancer that I would show strength and courage and push myself to become a kindergarten teacher! -Megan

I didn't know when I was skipping meals in college to lose weight that I would learn to work for my health and love the work. -Kimberly

I didn't  know when I was afraid to swim that you can breathe underwater when you relax.  Fear makes you drown and walking through it makes you empowered.  Life is a flow and relaxing brings us more than tensing up.    In childbirth, in leaving men, in loving men, in finding clients, in raising kids - love - it's easier. -Judy

I didn't know when I was crying after the umpteenth break up that I just wasn't ready for the right guy yet, or him for me. -Kimberly

I didn't know that blood, sweat and tears were a requirement for anything rewarding in life.  -Lauren

I didn't know when I wrote in to my favorite childhood magazine to ask how to find "true friends" that the most amazing soul mates of women would grace my life with more than I could imagine. -Kimberly

I didn't know that consistency was the only true answer to success. -Lauren

What might you be struggling with now, for which you can't imagine an incredible outcome?  

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