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Time for a new essentials list!  My desk moves around from my "home office" (those are some air quotes there, folks) to any given Starbucks to hotel rooms as needed.  But no matter where I set up shop, there is a sort list of must-haves that surround me.

1. My Dayplanner:
You've heard me rave about it before and here it is again.  This is my first year using one, and from day one it's revolutionized the way I organize my life: my schedule, goals, tasks, fitness, food, and finances all live in here.  It's by my side all the time!

2. At Least One Book:
My current gotta-read-it is reshaping the way I plan and handle money.  Financially Fearless by LearnVest's Alexa Von Tobel is stacked on my desk under my planner and is the newest addition to my resources list!

3. A Notebook:
There are some things I just need to handwrite!

4. Mail, Receipts, and Other Paper Scraps:
There's at least one pile but probably several of paper stuff on the corner of my desk, be it business cards from a new contact to bills that need paid to receipts that need filed... or even napkins with random stuff scribbled on them.  This stuff is always on its way to a more permanent home.

5. Beauty Samples:
Usually it's from my newest Glossybox but it could be from other friends like Karlee with doTerra who sent me some incredible smelling essential oils, or Libby with Rodan + Fields who had me try out a super silky mask, there are always a handful of samples hanging out on my desk.  I'm especially eager to try anatomicals "puffy the bag slayer" under eye patches.

6. Tech:
Duh, right?  My laptop and phone are the centerpieces of this whole operation.

7. Something to Sip:
For the first several hours of the day it's iced coffee or maybe a juice too, then I try to squeeze some water in there.  If I'm still working later in the day it might be a glass of wine.  Hey, my boss (me) is cool with it.

What do you like to have within reach during your work day?  Share your essentials in the comments below!

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