My Sunday Paper: Volume 10

Coming to you later on Sunday than usual - I'm drinking wine rather than coffee - but I hope today's Sunday Paper fills you in on some of the funnest, smartest, prettiest and yummiest stuff of the week.  I'd love to hear from you all about what you're reading/watching/eating right now, too!  I've got some good stuff coming up in April that I can't wait to share.  And if you have requests for conversation topics, please make your suggestions or ask your questions in the comments below or to me privately.  (A monthly Q&A review is one of the posts coming soon!)

Have a wonderful week, warriors!


This dosha thing is new to me.  I'm glad Core Power shared this information, and I'm glad they shared it this week.  I'm under a bit of stress at the moment, and being able to recognize that I'm Vata dominant and I am imbalanced has been helpful.  I started sleeping in socks to keep my feet warm and have been drinking a ton of tea.  Learn which type you are and how to manage your stresses or imbalances!

I came across this Nashville blogger due to a luluelmon connection.  Her travel/style/lifestyle posts are beautiful and thoughtful.  I adore!  

Watch + Listen

I've been running while I'm in Florida (they're apparently sans hardcore spin classes here) and have therefore found myself in need of some new tunes.  Not much of a radio listener, I am grateful for this fresh playlist from soulcycle.  Hello, iTunes store - I'm here to shop.

Speaking of soulcycle, a video they shared this week about two teens whose lives are being transformed on the bike was super moving, and soul made an appearance on The Daily Show which was super funny.  Watch watch watch!

I've mentioned before author and purveyor of Love Marianne Williamson's campaign for a seat in congress.  I don't live in CA, but she would have my vote time and again.  I love this passionate and moderaltey succinct video (worth the 9 minutes!) about why she's running, including corruption in our food source system.  


I am a carnivore.  I attempted at some point in college to go veg, and as much as I do love veggies I still need my protein in animal form.  If you're like me, try this incredible looking superfood steak recipe.  It's on the top of my to-cook list.

My mom and I made this kale, apple and avocado salad and dressing from Sakara Life recently and many of you have asked for the recipe.  Enjoy!


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