A Letter to You

Dear You,

These are my humble beginnings.  At least I hope so.  For several years now, I've been writing, planning, working with clients on developing their personal and business brands, and growing my business into what it's becoming.  And it's all just starting.  My own ten year vision (how 'bout that!  We talk mostly about yours!) includes phrases like "multiple books" and "The Today Show" and "leading a team."  But this letter isn't about me.  It's about you.  My purpose is YOU.

Thank you.

Thank you for being here during my humble beginnings, tending the roots of what is to grow.  Even if sometimes it's only a few of you (hi Mom) who are reading and paying attention, every one of you matters.

Thank you for sharing with me your own stories - tragedies and all.  I feel honored - really that's the best word - to be entrusted with the things that weigh on your hearts.  And while I hear these tales through both your tears and your courage, I often think, "I am not qualified for this.  How could I possibly help?"  Then I remember I am qualified because God has called me to be here and built me specifically for it.

Thank you for putting what I say into action.  I don't intend to just wax poetic.  I intend to inspire change.  I celebrate you when I hear, "I had a hard but awesome talk with my boyfriend after our conversation," or "I read your post about vision and it got me thinking of going back to school - I've registered!" or "I worked out every day this week and I already feel so much stronger."  Your triumphs are my triumphs. 

Thank you for being my reason to be.


Kimberly NovoselComment