My Sunday Paper, Volume 9

Confession!  I'm writing this on Saturday this week.  Why?  Because Sunday I'll be spending the day at Disney World!  So, sorry not sorry.  *WINK*

Being Green

Pistachio has been one of my favorite snacks since I was little, and the discovery of a new pistachio flavored item (icecream! muffins!) is always cause for excitement.  Dr. Oz shares pistachio recipes that are healthier than my usual choices... I can't wait to try the salmon!

Dirty Pop

This week's GOOP newsletter shared a 5 minute look into Tracy Anderson's new dance cardio DVD, as well as a Q&A with Tracy in which she shares that 4-7 days a week is ideal for work outs (I agree, I shoot for 6 and sometimes fall just under that), and that consistency is key in designing a certain body type. I run, spin, and do yoga - but all in particular styles that support lean muscle and not bulk.  Make sure your fitness routine, if it includes variety, is complimentary.  Lastly, I love this quote: We are how we eat, we are how we move, and we will continue to be challenged by what we neglect.

Your Galaxy or Mine?

This week's #sweatstyle feature is this month's line at soulcycle!  I love the holographic decals and pretty blues, grays and purples!  If you're in a soulcity, even better because you have access to the studio shops where they have additional Galaxy stuff from lululemon and Nike!  Click, Shop, Ride!


The homepage has been updated to share "notables" and other fun things, AND you can now shop my services directly on the "WORKSHOPS" page.  HOORAY!  The first person to purchase online will get a special gift from me.  


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