5 Quick Ways to Love Yourself Better This Week

With V-Day on the horizon, all talk has turned to chocolate and hearts and reservations.  Here at kimberlynovosel.com we're celebrating SELF-LOVE in February.  Why?  Because loving yourself well allows you to love others better too!  It's the foundation of happiness.  This week, do one of these quick things a day to show yourself some sweetness.

Monday: 5 Stretchy Minutes

Take 5 minutes today to get bendy!  Try my favorite stretch sequence: 1. Start with side bends on both sides.  2. Then touch your toes and come up with a flat back to lengthen your spine. 3. Sit in butterfly. 4. Then get a good hamstring/IT band stretch on each side. 5. Lastly do pigeon on each side.  Hold each for 8 breaths or so.  This is a great start or end to your day, and also provides you with 5 minutes of quiet time or meditation!


Tuesday: $5 Treat

Give yourself $5 today to do with whatever you'd like!  If you go for a cupcake or a scoop of gelato, do not let yourself feel guilty about it.  Or go healthy and pick a yummy juice or smoothie.  Maybe $5 will take to you to the movies at your neighborhood's old theatre.  Or if you love to write letters, buy a card and send it to an unassuming friend.  Most days at Starbucks I get iced coffee because it's $2, but I'm thinking today I'll splurge on the iced chai I really love with my $5.

Wednesday: 5 Glasses of Water

Maybe you're a prodigy and 5 glasses in a day for you is no big deal, but if you're like me then 5 takes effort.  3 is more of a standard for me, and even that I have to focus on.  Love yourself with hydration today and get in those five glasses!  Your winter skin will thank you, among other health benefits.  Want to know more about water truths VS myths?  Check out this article from Women's Health Magazine.

Thursday: 5 Money Minutes

Until recently I spent most of my "financial planning" time cringing at my bank balance and avoiding thinking about it too much.  This year I've taken the reigns, and even though it's demanded some courage from me, I now check my balance every day and my credit score once a month.  Take five minutes today to check your credit score (for free anytime - it doesn't include the full report) at creditkarma.com, and check the balances of all your other accounts and debts.  Need to make some changes?  Sign up at learnvest.com (also free) to efficiently track your numbers, plus they have tons of tips too.  If you're in New York, check out Ashley Feinstein's workshop!

Friday: 5 Minute Beauty Routine

It's Friday, the day you're probably least motivated to get up and start your work day.  I mean, it's almost the weekend, right?!  Well, give yourself some extra time to sleep in.  Here's a five minute beauty routine that'll get you ready to face the day and out the door.  Go ahead, hit snooze one more time...

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