My Sunday Paper: Volume 6


I'm snowed in here in Portland!  I was hoping for one good solid magical snowfall this winter, and here it is.  Or, there it was.  The magic has faded now that the roads are sheets of ice and I've been stuck at home under a severe whether warning (save for a rebellious outing to BurnCycle yesterday).  Bets on which happens first, the ice melts or I have a meltdown?  

At least I've had plenty of time to catch up on the best of the internet this week.  Lots of self love, which plays into our theme for February.  Have you made your love-yourself-better promise yet?  Post those #andflossmore pics to be entered to win a prize!  

Take a Good Look

I loved this article on Body Image and the Media.  I'm a big lover of glossy mags, and a big believer that what we feel about ourselves is our CHOICE.  You have 100% control over the love and acceptance you have for yourself, the openness you have to being inspired to improve, and the standards you set for what it means to be your best self.  Super models and the media are not to blame for your own self-talk.

This is a fantastic checklist.  Read these 15 Things Emotionally Strong People Don't Do and make sure you don't do any of these things!  I especially like 2, 4, and 7.

I am a sufferer of BRF (b*itchy resting face.)  The condition didn't have a name yet when I first began to suspect it's existence - in my college days I was often stopped by strangers and told to "SMILE!"  (Don't even get me started on how insulting and ridiculous that is. Am I supposed to prance around campus like Mary Sunshine?!)  Anyway, Elle Magazine takes a stand in, "I Won't Apologize for my B*tchy Resting Face."  Thank you, Elle.  


Heidi Klum has partnered with New Balance to create a really, really pretty fitness line of sneaks, pullovers, cute tees (like this one with the phonetic spelling of auf wiedershen!) and the like.  I love ALL OF IT!  

The newest cotton tank (ok three) to grace my collection is from goodhYOUman.  Choose your top, choose the inspirational text you want printed on it, and voila!  Each shirt's hangtag features an inspirational story from a cancer survivor or advocate, in honor of the founder's dad.  I recommend this tank for women!

Did you know lululemon's website has a "We Made Too Much" section of marked down items?  Bookmark it and watch for new things to be added!  My new brisk bloom scuba hoodie is on there, though sizes are limited.  (Have questions about lululemon gear? Ask me!  I love sharing tips on my favorite pieces for yoga, spin, and run.)

This Week

What's to come?  Tomorrow's email features thoughts on effective teamwork (and a football reference!) so make sure you've subscribed, and tomorrow's blog post is going to be a really good one: 5 QUICK things to do this week that are self-loving and will make your life better.



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