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 I celebrated self-love with a little no-work trip to San Francisco! 

I celebrated self-love with a little no-work trip to San Francisco! 

February is coming to an end!  I don't know about you, but after that snowstorm we had I'm pretty grateful to be getting closer to Spring.  Before we move into what's next, let's look back at all the things we talked about this month while we celebrated self-love!

We started out making promises to love ourselves better in certain ways, (mine: be more forgiving of my flaws, and floss more!).  Thanks for all your pictures of your promises too!  Then we talked about the "unknowns" in your vision.  When you don't know WHAT you want, you can focus on the QUALITIES of what that thing could be.  

This one is applicable all the time!  Here are 5 quick ways to love yourself better, including my favorite five minute stretch sequence, and my 5 minute beauty routine.  Another part of self-love is taking care of each other as women, and that means not judging others for their lifestyle choices.  Let's all commit to that together!  

Last week I celebrated my SOULiversary, followed by sharing some tips on how to approach self-love and how it will make your life better in my self-love setup (or step-up) guide!  We closed the month by talking about ease and vulnerability.  And don't forget my video for Alexis Olson about self-talk!  Takeaway: If you wouldn't want other people to say it about you, don't say it about yourself!

What's next?  
In March we're doing some Spring Cleaning!  Join in on my one or three day group juice cleanse with BluePrintCleanse!  Get the details here.  


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