Ease Does It


"There must be a joke that starts out, 'two anxious women go on vacation,'" I said to my friend today as we began to pack up our things in our San Francisco hotel room.  We've had a truly lovely little vacation, but as is any average day/week/month with either of the two of us there are likely to be moments of anxiety overload as we structure our lives, run our businesses, maintain our relationships, and so forth.

She laughed at my joke, and then minutes later I happened upon a post from yogi Tara Stiles that breathed a sigh of relief into me:

Today's Mantra

You are safe.

Let your body & mind be easy and move easy. There is safety in ease. When you find yourself clenching and gripping your muscles or mind for protection, remember there is safety in ease. You will get further with less effort in allowing your body to move how it feels great to move. You will get further with less effort when you allow your mind to be open and calm.


For all my fellow anxiety sufferers or even the average worrier, tuck those words away for when you need them most.  (Thank you Tara!)

My Sunday Paper will be back next week!

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