Q&A Round Up: February Edition

 lululemon's The Mat

lululemon's The Mat

I love the questions that y'all are asking me on our phone calls and on social media.  It occurred to me that all the readers could probably benefit from these answers that you can't always see and hear, so once a month I'm going to round up the best questions asked of me and share the answers here.  Let me know what you think of this first installment in the comments below, and if you have questions feel free to comment them, contact me, tweet me, or ask me over an iced coffee!

From Alexis: "I was going to get an orange mat (from lululemon)! What size do you recommend? I don't want it to be a liner, but my everyday mat!"

Good question! The Mat line of products from lululemon are literally the ONLY yoga mats I don't slip on. It's the third I've owned and I've tested many more than that, so this is tried and true!  I have the Un-Mat because I walk to class or travel with it and it's lightweight, but I have to layer it for more padding. The Mat is incredible but it can be heavy if you do a lot of walking or traveling with your Mat. Which means probably for you, goldilocks, the 3mm Mat is the perfect in-between. You won't need to layer it, but it won't weigh you down.

Via Private Message: "I had a friend reach out to me regarding writing her life story and was wondering if you could give her some insight as to how to start. Since we have reconnected, she has been very inspiring to many and I imagine her story could help others... What would you suggest?"

Honestly I would tell her "Just write. Start writing and keep going." Many people are stifled by fear of how do "do it right" that they don't get much or anything down on paper at all. Sure, using outlines or making sure your story has a clear beginning, middle and end are important tools, but for some reason many writers get so caught up in the process of those things. She should definitely start writing her story any way it comes out, and those other details will follow.

Via Phone Call: What has your experience been with the changing landscapes of friendships?  Particularly how do you handle growing apart from childhood friends?

I've had several different experiences with people coming into and going from my life.  I've had a friend or two that I've parted with on unfortunate terms, either because that person was avidly toxic in my life or because we were to each other.  It's difficult to look back and know I didn't have the opportunity to apologize or improve a situation that could have potentially been improved (in the latter of the two), but I think that's something that just needs to be accepted.  I'm so different now all these years later, and I'm sure she is too.  I don't hold any resentment and I hope she doesn't for me.

More often, people will fade from your life naturally, or the relationship will evolve.  With childhood friends, friends from other stages of your life who don't grow with you, or friends with whom an effort isn't made to keep up this is going to happen.  I have friends I love and talk to daily or weekly, then friends I love dearly and only talk to a few times a year, then friends I love and wish the best for but only keep up with via Facebook or the very occasional opportunity to catch up.  And that's ok!  You can love people in many different ways, and you can let people love you in a variety of ways too.  Living very differently from a friend may give you less to talk about, but her lesser role in your life doesn't make either of you less valuable as people.

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