My SOULiversary

The date was February 21st, 2013.  I was up early and out the door to the subway, trying to find my way to TriBeCa's soulcycle studio with sleep still in my eyes.  A group of women I didn't know very well yet had invited me, and as far as workouts go I was NERVOUS.  I was more partial to yoga or a three mile run than something so... intense?  But, as I like to say, I'll try anything twice.

And good thing I said twice!  My first ride was agony!!  I felt weird and awkward on the bike; I couldn't keep up with the speed; I couldn't stand for more than maybe half of the first song; and I felt a far cry from Charlie, the instructor and host of the crazy, sweaty dance party happening around me, who was spinning her braided ponytail over her head like a helicopter.  I left feeling lucky to have survived.

But I went back.  And it was a little easier.  And my soul felt fed.  I can't remember all of the gems of wisdom shared during my early rides, but suffice to say so many of my ideals of strength, confidence, and limitlessness being built through fitness came from those classes.  I wish I could measure how much sweat I've poured on those studio floors in a year.

I sit here now a different woman than I was that morning, in so many ways.  My lululemon family (the girls with me on that first ride); the instructors who've kept me coming back and continue to shape me; my SOUL tribe; my career; the food I eat; my motivations; incredible people I've met like the girls from Sakara Life, SHE Summit, and the filmmakers of On Meditation;  the difference I want to make in people's lives... I have soulcycle to thank for so much of it.

 I'm in San Francisco on vacation right now, and this morning I got to ride at the studio here with one of New York's favorite instructors, Jenny Gaither.  Jenny summed up my year really well when she said, "We are here to change lives! And it takes WORK!!"  

Then she got in my face and yelled, "GO Kimberly, GO!"

It's been a wild ride... Here's to another year!

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