My Sunday Paper: Volume 7

Well, I've spent the weekend like most of America including, possibly, our President: watching House of Cards.  All that time lying around is excused, however, because I also went a little crazy and reorganized pretty much my entire house... I just can't be still for that long!  Anyway, whether or not you've gotten to the last episode yet, take a few minutes of your Sunday to check out this week's best of the internet!

Whatcha Watchin'?

Netflix is on a roll.  Not only is the new season of House of Cards killer, but they've also released a teaser and a date for Orange is the New Black.  A whole new countdown begins!

Also coming to your laptop or TV is a new DVD from lean-body fitness mama Tracy Anderson.  It's her first new dance aerobics DVD in over six years and is going to feature new moves that are sure to make you sweat (and maybe swear at her, lovingly).  You can preorder it now, and get ready to release your inner pop star.

Fresh Faced

SoulCycle instructors (including my NYC fave, Madison Lari) share their "sweaty to ready" products.  Yes, they admit, they do workout with a little bit of makeup on.  Takeaways include the expected "moisturize moisturize moisturize!" but also some great recommendations like Benetint lip cheek stain and a stick foundation.

I mentioned last week that I love my glossy mags and I'm really not into blaming them for women's insecurities.  Regardless, I like this video in which four women react to their own photos which have been retouched to look like cover images.  My point in sharing?  To make you think about how you see yourself, first of all, and secondly because I believe we should all see ourselves as cover models just as we are!  #loveyourself

Before Breakfast

I'm not sure it's possible to do all twelve of these things before breakfast, but it's a really good list regardless.  How many of these "twelve things successful people do before breakfast" are priorities in your day?

I'll add one of my own to this list: Check in with your self-talk.  I shared in this video for Alexis Olson's website this week my key to speaking kindly of myself: If you wouldn't want other people to say something about you, don't say it about yourself!

To You From Me

Did you see my post this past week on  Chelsea, a Millennial Lifestyle Expert, is host of The Chelsea Krost show and just appeared on The Today Show.  I'm extremely honored to have been invited to share on her blog why I think fitness is vital to our overall happiness.  Read Part One here, and watch for Part Two this coming week!

Other upcomings: Tomorrow I'll be interviewed via Skype on for #MasterclassMonday, talking with blogger Lizzie Beadon about vision, goal setting, productivity and more.  Watch my social media for the link once it's live!

My self-love giveaway will happen at the end of February!  The prize is a surprise, but you only have 12 more days to get your pics in.  All you have to do is write a self-love promise and post a photo of it with @kimberlynovosel and #andflossmore.


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