Our Honor As Women

Y'all, these letters brought me to tears: First is a letter from a working mother to a stay-at-home mother, and then vice versa.  Here's why.  They're written not only from a place of zero-judgement, but from a place of love, encouragement, admiration, and appreciation.  BOTH OF THEM.

That I was so moved because these sentiments are rare is what's wrong with the whole picture.

Why is this rare?  I believe that the more we're afraid to be judged for our own choices and lifestyles, the more likely we are to judge others.  As if we point the finger elsewhere it won't turn back on us.  Riiiiiight.  

There are two things I'm calling upon you to do.  Yes, you.  Working mothers and mothers who work at home (that's what I'd rather call "stay at home moms" - I mean, they're not sitting around all day watching daytime TV and giving themselves pedicures).  City dwellers and country lovers.  Those who spend $5 on lattes and those who cut coupons (OK, I do both).  Women who run their own businesses out of their living rooms and CEOs in high rises.  Not-yet mothers, young mothers, and chose-not-to-be mothers.  All of you.

1. Stop being afraid of judgement.  Love yourself, believe in your choices, and recognize that your lifestyle is right for you but not right for everyone.  Your home, your marital status, your career, how you spend money, your workout regimen... it's yours to decide and to love.  

2. Stop judging other women.  Just as you aren't to be judged for the way you live your life, nor are you to judge others for what's right for them.  Our honor as women is that we have the ability to encourage and empower each other.  Let's do that.

Commit to this now. Inspire others to do the same. And if need be, spend some time looking in the mirror and repeating this to yourself.  (Don't forget to wink.)

Kimberly NovoselComment