Wellness Wishlist

Ok, so this is coming along a bit late seeing as it's almost Christmas Eve and all.  But if you need last minute gifts, late party gifts, or some inspirational gifts for yourself to kick off 2015 right, then here are your must-haves!  

I give you, my wellness wish list!

SAKARA Superfood Pantry Starter Kit

Your Sakara Superfood Pantry Pack comes equipped with our favorite superfoods from around the world, sourced from the highest quality purveyors, in smaller serving sizes to help get you started on your journey. You will also receive an exlusive copy of our superfood recipe booklet to help get these superfoods out of your pantry and into your body, making magic one bite at a time. These signature Sakara recipes are specially designed to heal, fuel, hydrate, and love your body from the inside out.

Count Me Healthy Love Tag Necklaces

Count Me Healthy Jewelry is a long-time favorite of mine, and now even more so with the addition of their new Love Tag necklaces! Dainty little inspirational charms on pretty rose or black thread, you can choose from engraved phrases like "yoga," "running," and "inspire."  Even better? They come with a little loop in case you want to move your tag from the string onto a pretty chain.  

(Note: Picture from My Green Son, because it was too pretty not to share.  Check out her wonderful blog!)

The Desire Map Day Planner

The day planner that changed my every day!  Danielle Laporte's Desire Map Day Planner made 2014 an organized and accomplished year for me.  I tracked everything from the classic appointments and to-dos, to what I ate and what my bank accounts looked like each day.  There are some changes to the planner this year, but in the end it's all in how YOU use it!  If you want me tips, just ask and I'll send them to you!

One of my goals for 2015? To create and sell my own Day Planner for 2016, organized just the way I would best use it, to share with all of you!

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming Subscription

This is big news in the fitness world.  Tracy Anderson's DVDs have taken over your living room workouts, but until now her studio classes have been for the lucky ones in just a few select cities... Until now!  Tracy has just announced live video streaming classes that put you, right from your living room (or, like me, hotel room), in the studio with Tracy and co!  The price tag might look hefty, but $400 for 6 months of these classes is way less than you'd pay for the majority of the hottest classes around.  And a Tracy body is totally worth it. 

lululemon Scuba Hoodie

If Kate Middleton can wear it, so can you!  The hoodie has taken over as a style staple, especially - but not limited to - your fitness wardrobe.  What I love most about the lululemon Scuba Hoodie is  not just that it's cozy, or vented, or has a zipper garage, but that it's FITTED.  It's actually super flattering, which makes it the unicorn of hoodies. Your only dilemma will be choosing a pattern. 

Blueprint Juice Cleanse

My favorite juice cleanse around is Blueprint's "Foundation" Cleanse.  From a day to three days, drink 3 green juices along with a spicy lemonade, a sweet pineapple, and a dessert-worthy cashew milk.  Get clean, feel well, and amp up your nutrients all at the same time.  This is the perfect way to prep for New Year's Eve, or wait until after all that champagne to begin the year with a clean slate.

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