My Sunday Paper - Volume 32

2014 is winding down and I can hardly believe it!  I've enjoyed reading all the #2014in5words tweets, and I even contributed my own: "unpredictable in every way."  It's so true.  As much as we plan, as clear as our 10 year visions can be, we are still wanderers in many ways.  And life would be much less fun if we weren't.  So remember that as you plan and hope and wish and resolve for 2015; As you walk through the year with purpose, remember to wander as well.

Here's the last Sunday Paper of the year!

That Wasn't a Question

Shine up your clacker shoes... there's a chance that we will get a Devil Wears Prada sequel!  No official word of a script has been heard, but with the sequel book having been published there's a chance we will see the return of Ms. Priestly soon enough. Women in entertainment are reaching new heights these days, and Shonda Rimes (Scandal! Grey's Anatomy!) is one of the leaders of this pack. Read and watch what she has to say about it. 


My first post-college apartment 10 years ago had a walk-in closet.  It was way outside of town in Antioch, TN, so believe me I'm not bragging, but I did have my own bathroom and a walk-in closet which was pretty awesome.  I remember covering the door and walls of the closet with favorite pages from magazines, most of them of Sienna Miller.  And though her style has evolved in the decade since then, it remains that she's completely timeless and always true to herself. W Magazine shares some of her recent looks (which make me want to cut my hair - though I won't!) plus she's on the cover of Vogue

The Jet Set

For us travel mavens, staying healthy on the road is more challenging. Not with these tips from my girlfriends at Sakara Life!  The Coveteur shares Whitney and Danielle's 9 ways to stay healthy on vacation.  Have some adventure on your horizon?  Travel is one of the things we will be tackling right here in January.

Roast, Grill, Steam, and Sip

Winter veggies are my absolute favorite! Sprouts, squashes, parsnips... OH MY!  Self Magazines gives us the best ways to cook these goodies. Speaking of winter favorites, I'm not quite over eggnog yet. Love this healthier version from lululemon!  I may drink this year round.

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