My Sunday Paper - Volume 30

Well hello there! It's been a minute. I'm glad to share with you a fresh Sunday Paper, and also a note to keep a watch here for some new posts!  I have some stuff in the works like holiday health tips, gift lists, and some travel coverage of a wellness getaway I'm taking to Portland in a few weeks!

Here's to my favorite month - Happy November! 

Sleeping Beauty

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen welcomed a baby girl and named her Briar Rose.  Yes, like Sleeping Beauty.  I am all kinds of jealous of this. Speaking of the girls we're raising, GoldieBlox just released an action figure for girls and I am UHBSESSED with the ad for it. Watch here! 

So Fetch

The cast of Mean Girls has reunited to remind the world, "you can't sit with us."  You can see the  pics of the stars - looking better than ever - and read the hilarious interview from  Also "fetch" is that one of my clients, Jenna Scott, is giving away her two new songs for free! Check out her revamped website (by yours truly) and download the songs! Promise you'll love them. 


Sometimes when friends talk about my "nomadic life" of recent years, I feel as if I'm being criticized.  People don't like when they can't pin you down, or can't understand the force that drives you to make decisions that are different from theirs.  THIS.  This is what drives me.  There's one thing I do live in all the time and it's my good hYOUman tees - especially the Tracy tank - and right now everything is 20% off. Stock up here using code 20TODAY. 


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